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Rental Pricing and Details

-Your beach day will be delivered and set-up where you want and removed for you at the end of the day.

-Your beach day will be set up by 10:00 am and remove will start at 4:30pm.

-By popular demand, we are now offering later removal times!

Available Items

Items $Each
10×10 Tents $99.00 for the first tent,  $89 for each add’l tent
Beach Chairs $10.00
Towels (you keep them!) $10.00
Skim Boards $10.00
Lie-Flat Chair $20.00
Cornhole Game $20.00
Director Chair $15.00
Boogie Board $10.00

*By 10:30a on days with winds forecasted to be in excess of 14 mph

Additional Removal Times

Want to enjoy the beach a little longer? No worries, we can help with that.  We are now offering later removal times in one hour increments.

Removal Time Additional Cost
5:30 PM $50
6:30 PM $100
7:30 PM $150

Phone: 941-243-3871

Available Set-up Points on Anna Maria Island

Coquina Beach 18th Street
28th Street 22nd Street
30th Street 23rd Street
31st Street 72nd Street
33rd Street 73rd Street
34th Street 74th Street
35th Street 77th Street
36th Street 78th Street
37th Street 79th Street
38th Street 81st Street
Manatee Public Beach Beach Ave
43rd Street Park Ave
44th Street Maple Ave
45th Street Oak Ave
46th Street Mangrove Ave
47th Street Cedar Ave
48th Street Willow Ave
49th Street Palmetto Ave
Gulf Drive Palm Ave
55th Street Magnolia Ave
65th Street Pine Ave
66th Street Elm Ave
67th Street Sycamore Ave
68th Street Fir Ave
69th Street Spruce Ave
70th Street Cypress Ave
71st Street

Don’t see your Anna Maria Island Location listed? Give us a Call and we’ll see what we can do for you


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