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Not from us, but there are a number of great locations around AMI and Holmes Beach that do that.

Yes, you can cancel free-of-charge up to three (3) calendar days in advance and receive a full refund.  If you cancel with less than three calendar days notice no refund will be issued.

No.  If we cancel we’ll issue you full refund, but given the transient nature of beach visitors and our limited inventory you’ll need to call us to re-book for a later date.

Yes, based upon availability for the Service Date.

You can request a new Set-up Point up to two (2) calendar days in advance of your Service Date for no cost.  Once the tent (and weighs, if provided) has been placed, you cannot move it.

Our website is still under construction right now.  Reservations and changes can either be made in person or over the phone.

Combinations will be emailed and / or texted out on the morning of your Service Date.

Because rain tends to be intermittent, we will set up most days.  The only exceptions will be in the event of major storms, lightening or excessive winds.  In the event one of those conditions exist you’ll be notified on the morning of your Service Date that the service is cancelled and you will be issued a refund.  In the event of a major storm service may be cancelled several days in advance.

If there is lightening during the set-up period, or forecasted to be likely prevalent during most of the day or during the recovery period, service will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.  In the event you are using your rental and it begins to lightening or excessive winds arise, please immediately seek shelter off of the beach.”

Rentals will start to be taken down at 4:30 p.m.  You’re welcome to use the equipment until the crew comes to take it down.

Think of it as a battery-powered mini-generator that you can plug devices such as TVs, radios, computers, etc. into just like any wall outlet.  It should not be used for any medical or critical devices.

Skim boards are used to ride waves close very close to the shore.  It doesn’t float but rather skims the water. If you want something that floats we offer boogie boards as well.

We actually supply you with a mobile hotspot that you can use to access the internet at high speeds and with unlimited data usage.

After your booking is complete you will receive three emails – one with the receipt and itemized reservation, one with our Terms of Service, and one with our Liability Waiver.  You must reply ‘I Accept’ to both the Terms of Service and Liability Waiver emails (separately) at least two days in advance of your Service Date to receive Service.  Unfortunately, if you do not reply we will not be able to set you up and no refund will be issued.

Each tent will be labeled with the last name of the reservation.

Call us at 941-243-3871.

Call us at 941-243-3871.  We’ll double check the reservation and deliver any missing items to you on the beach.

You will be provided two trash bags – one for your trash and one for your used towels.  We ask that you either put them in or underneath your Secure Locker at the end of the day to help keep our beaches clean.

Yes, if more than one is available. We’ll just need to create a separate reservation for each.

As long as winds are forecasted to be below 25 miles per hour we will set-up the rentals.  However, if you are on the beach and excessive winds or lightening occur, please immediately seek shelter off of the beach.

Rentals will be available no later than 10 a.m. on most days.  In the event winds are forecasted to be in excess of 14 miles per hour, rentals will we available no later than 10:30 a.m.

Unfortunately not.  However, under most circumstances most rentals will be in place prior to 10 a.m. and be collected after 4:30 p.m.  You are welcome to use your rental as soon as it is in place and until the removal crew arrives.

Our basic chair is “low-profile” chair that sits about 6 inches off of the ground.  They’re great for most beach goers, but some people might find them a challenge to get in and out of.  The Director’s Chairs have a more standard height.

Our fishing nets are designed for casting.  They have a net with a 4 foot radius that is attached to a 20 foot floating hand line.  You hold onto one end of the hand line and throw the net.  While they will catch, fish they’re more for entertainment value than anything else.

As long as winds are forecasted to be below 18 miles per hour we will set-up the rentals. However, if you are on the beach and excessive winds or lightening occur, please immediately seek shelter off of the beach. Furthermore, if forecasts are revised to include sustained winds or wind gusts above 18 miles per hour prior to the scheduled take-down period, we may have to remove tents early.

If we remove them prior to 1p you will receive a full refund. If early removal takes place after 1p no refund will be issued”

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